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Longer Winter Season This Year—Predicts Met Office

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The Meteorological Office (Met) of Pakistan has predicted a longer winter season this year.

The Met office informed about its prediction on Wednesday and added that owing to the maximum number of rainfalls and snowfall in the northern areas of the nation the winter season would be longer than usual.

But the Met office has predicted that more rain and snowfall would be happening in the coming days which would be dropping the temperature further 5 °C or 6°C in the various cities of Pakistan during the spring season.

It also added that this winter would experience the coldest weather patterns as there were heavy rain spells and snow in the country.

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The spokesperson of the Met office said that Pakistan would witness more spells of rain in the month of February and March thus further declining the temperature.

He said that different cities would experience more fog especially in the Hazara division, Upper Sindh areas and the areas of Upper Punjab.

He also mentioned that the northern areas of the country including Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and Murree would witness heavy snowfall.

He added that different rain spells would continue until May, which would keep the weather cold and pleasant.

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