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Londoners stood against the decision of Uber Ban In London

Roughly 600,000 people filed a Petition against the decision on Uber ban which was imposed earlier last Friday by suspending the Uber’s license to operate in London by London Transport Authority.

Uber’s transport license is set to expire on September 30 which the authorities denied renewing indirectly banning Uber from operating in London and suspending the license. The decision wasn’t welcomed by the general public because they really love ride-hailing service which provided them smart, secure and affordable taxi service that government and other companies weren’t able to.

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On Sunday more than 600,000 people signed the petition which said, “The suspension is affecting the everyday lives of a huge number of honest and hardworking drivers, this shows the world that London is far from being open and is closed to innovative companies.”

On the other hand, Transport for London TFL says, the conduct of Uber raised safety concerns with 40,000 drivers and 3.5 million users.

TFL said in a statement, “We have concluded that Uber London is not fit for holding private hire operator license. Uber’s approach and code of conduct are lacking CSR in relation to the number of issues which have public safety and security concerns”, concerns including background checks of the drivers.”

The petition which was published on change.org said, Uber provided a “safe, reliable and affordable ride”, and that its users would be “astounded by the ban”, Transport for London and their chairman and Mayor has given the business to small number of people by putting a ban on Uber and they want to restrict consumer choice”, it added.

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Uber’s license expires September 30 and Uber has 21 days to appeal against the decision. The company has said it plans to challenge the decision made by the authorities.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn told Sky News on Saturday that Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has done the right thing. Of course, people need cabs for traveling and they want the safe and secure journey, the cabs must be safe, regulated and available for all, he added.

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