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London Police Arrests 2 Drunk Passengers from PIA’s Flight

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On Tuesday the London police have arrested 2 drunk passengers from PIA’s flight that was headed for Islamabad from the Heathrow airport of London, as per the reports of local media.

According to the details, the ruckus was reported inside the Islamabad bound flight no PK-786 at the Heathrow airport, when 2 drunk passengers exchanged punches.

Taking notice of the lodged complaints by other onboard passengers, the crew informed the captain of the flight about the situation.

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The flight’s captain called the police by informing the Control Tower at the Heathrow airport. The passengers were apprehended by the London police.

As per the spokesperson of PIA, both the passengers have been placed on the blacklist, while the flight departed for the federal capital from the Heathrow airport after experiencing a delay of 1 hour.

Previously on the 9th of December, a passenger of the airline headed for Islamabad was caught smoking in the plane by the cabin crew.

As per the spokesperson of PIA, a strong smell of the cigarette smoke came from the toilet on board PIA flight PK-792, going from Birmingham to Islamabad.

The cabin crew halted the passenger, from smoking and asked him about the policy that bans smoking in aeroplanes. The administration of PUA has taken his passport in custody for breaking the international rulings.

But, the passport of the passenger was given back to him after he paid a fine of Rs.10,000.

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