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London Heathrow Releases MasterPlan For Expansion

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The busiest airport in entire Europe the London Heathrow has recently released its master plan for expansion. The organization has published the plan on Tuesday which includes the new building and a controversial third runway along with new terminals, Reuters reported.

London Heathrow’s executive director for expansion Emma Gilthrope said, “the 12-week statutory consultation is an opportunity for people to comment on our preferred masterplan.” Emma urged as many people as possible to participate.

The expansion of London Heathrow airport had been under strong opposition by various local politicians, environmental activists as well as Mayor of London. The opposition argues that increasing the number of flights from 473,000 in 2016 to 740,000 beyond 2019 will increase air pollution in London dramatically.

However, the government already won a vote a year ago to start Heathrow expansion which includes the third full-length runway and building. The politician Boris Johnson who is the next possible candidate for Prime Minister told his voters in his West London constituency that he would lie on the road with them in front of bulldozers to stop the building and the construction of the third runway four years ago.

However, Boris also changed his stance on the matter and told his fellow lawmakers that the Heathrow Expansion has been approved by the parliament. The masterplan published by Heathrow airport is owned by Qatar Investment Authority, Ferrovial and China Investment Corporation with some others, the plan shows the stages of development from the construction of the third runway in 2026 and completion in 2050. According to Heathrow, the consultation would run from Tuesday until September 13.