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London Doctor Launches Telemedicine Corona Helpline for Pakistan

A free of cost telemedicine corona helpline has been designed by a British Pakistani orthopedic surgeon. This helpline has been launched with an aim to limit the spread of coronavirus.

According to Dr. Suhail Chughtai the “telemedicine-based corona helpline” has been designed to give people an opportunity to take free medical advice on corona-like symptoms. This will help in minimizing the need to go out where there are more chances of catching or spreading the virus.

At the inauguration of the “Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine” annual conference, the idea was presented by Dr. Chughtai. It was highly appreciated and endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor University of Health Sciences Prof Dr. Javed Akram.

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The helpline was inaugurated by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar. Since its launch, it has been introduced across the province in different universities. Dr. Chughtai even gave a presentation on the corona helpline to President Arif Alvi through video link.

Users can visit Then they can click on the Online-Doctor shown as a blinking icon. They will need to type their name and city and then they will be connected to a doctor over a live video link. The average time ranges from 5 to 15 seconds.

Dr Chughtai said: “At present, we have a growing list of medical universities of Punjab joining the telemedicine corona helpline with 170 doctors trained and included in the 24/7 schedule in shift pattern which can be four to eight hours long. Over 1,000 young doctors have registered an expression of interest and at present. I am training ‘master trainers’ who would engage with the most suitable applicants for extending our team.

The most prominent medical universities include the University of Health Sciences (the nerve and command center of the project), King Edward Medical University, Nishtar Medical University, PIMS Islamabad, Rawalpindi Medical University and more. We have now been asked to extend the service to other provinces too for which governor and CM of Punjab are working with the federal authorities and prime minister’s team to help with the logistics.”

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