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Lofree keyboard brings out your writer

Lofree keyboard

Most of the keyboards are very techy looking. The keyboards in the market are simple, plain with no hint of vibrant colors. LoFree is a simple cute wireless keyboard with round friendly buttons and a very shiny aesthetically pleasing look to it. It is inspired by the typewriter (I can already imagine every modern writer owning this). Lofree keyboard is mechanical and very cute looking as one puts it.

Lofree keyboard makers have engineered it with round keycaps that gives a contemporary feel to a classic look. Freewrite had a lot of reservations attached to it but this keyboard beats all. The makers have given the customers a wide range of colors to pick from. Not only this but there is a nice backlight as well. There are three settings for backlight along with its simultaneous connection with three devices.

Lofree keyboard takes you back to the old days

The keyboard is perfect for designers, writers and anyone who wants to add a more personal touch to their workspace. It is made for Mac users with a Mac function key present. Lofree keyboard has 99% of the mechanical keyboard window format. It works with all operating systems easily which makes it super friendly.  Red, white and blue are the colors that it is available in. Switch or click mechanism of the keys in the keyboard is of Gaterone Blue.

Now, this according to the creators is the best possible solution for mechanical keyboards. The keys have a deeper depression and give out a different click sound as compared to the Apple Wireless keyboard. Key switch is the determining factor of how much noise the keyboard makes and the force exertion. This is perfect for people who type with two index fingers, more like hunt and peck. Those who type with 10 fingers might find this keyboard a bit difficult to work with.

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The Lofree keyboard will be available next month along with pricing details.

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