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Locusts Might Prove More Dangerous Than COVID-19, Says Sindh Minister


Ismail Rahoo, the Sindh Minister for Agriculture has said that the swarms of locust that has entered into the province of Balochistan and Sindh from the neighboring nations Iran and India, might prove more dangerous than COVID-19.

Owing to a lack of assistance from the centre to deal with the attacks of the locusts, the government of Sindh has taken the decision to launch a protest with the federal government over the matter, as per the reports of local media.

He added that the provincial government has been telling the centre regarding the attacks of the locusts but no result has come out of that yet.

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The minister said that 60 percent of the rural population of the country depends on agriculture will get affected if the locusts are not dealt with.

Previously, a high-level meeting of the Sindh government was told about the new swarms of locusts Iran could enter Sindh from the 15th of May. Mumtaz Ali Shah, the Chief Secretary led the meeting to review the locust situation in the province.

Nearly 60 nations throughout the world have been affected by the locusts’ attacks, as was indicated during the meeting. The government has set up camps at 30 places and has formed 57 teams consisting of 180 persons for handling with the threat, the meeting was briefed.

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