#LockdownPakistan Becomes the Top Twitter Trend

#LockdownPakistan has become the top twitter trend in Pakistan with the number of coronavirus cases increasing in the country. Many celebrities are also tweeting in favor of complete locking down the country.

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Ali Zafar tweeted, “#LockDownPakisan with Govt. giving a plan for daily wagers.1) Make a Rashan Fund, use the money from Dam Fund if you have to, the privileged provide for the poor by donating in all forms. Volunteers from areas & govt. workers make a chain to distribute 2) No bills for them this month.”

Fakhr e Alam tweeted, “Lockdown/curfew that’s the only way to bring some kind of mitigation to a looming disaster brother. Let’s hope better sense prevails.”

The public is also asking for locking down Pakistan.

A Twitterati tweeted, “Dear PM @ImranKhanPTI it’s time to #lockdownpakistan b4 it’s too late. I know it’s difficult for u & us but it’s the necessity of time. No One takes #CoronaVirusPakistan seriously, they are acting normally & interacting with each other without any safety #SociallyResponsiblePakistani.”

Another Twitterati tweeted, “Italy is doomed right now and the reason is that delayed the lockdown. I request you all Pakistanis to please make your own videos on social media and pressurize this government to enforce #lockdownpakistan, otherwise, we will be doomed as well.”

Now here is the thing. People are not self-isolating in Pakistan, and the result will be disastrous unless the government takes necessary actions. Nobody would want the situation in Italy to repeat here. Also, to the Pakistani people out there, if you are going out, you are making your parents and grandparents vulnerable. So ponder before you make your family victim of the deadly disease.

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