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Lockdown to Extend till the 9th of May

The ongoing lockdown in Pakistan has been further extended till the 9th of May by the government in order to control the coronavirus from spreading more.

The government also warned that if people will not follow the instructions given by the government to contain the virus in the month of Ramadan then there are chances that the lockdown will be applied till the Eid-ul-Adha.

Asad Umer Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives while briefing the media after a meeting of (NCC) National Coordination Committee said that this month is the decisive month, if everybody follows the instructions strictly and sincerely then surely this virus can be defeated and then everybody will be able to live a normal life.

The minister further added that no one is prohibiting worshiping in this holy month, but in such a crucial time it is better to stay at home and pray from home.

Islam gives responsibility to every Muslim to not harm his/her fellow human being, and the same responsibility lies to every Muslim in this Pandemic case said Asad Umer.

Moreover, he said that the government is launching a new system after succeeding in the pilot test of a smart lockdown or system testing, tracking, and quarantine.

The system will help the government to increase its capacity to find the suspected coronavirus patients and also those who have been in contact recently with these suspected patients so that the virus can be controlled from spreading more.

This system got finalized after the pilot test and recently the NCC has also given final approval to this system.

Asad Umer says that the system will be executed through the provinces starting from the grassroots level .i.e. union council levels or tehsil.

For the system’s execution, the armed forces, and the civil administration, the federal government will also participate.

The minister also informed in the meeting that there will be no load shedding, especially in Sehri or Iftar time.

Also, the Prime Minister’s Ehsas Emergency Cash Programme will continue in the month of Ramadan too.

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