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Lockdown to Extend in France; Says President Macron

The lockdown in France is expected to extend further in order to control the spread of the pandemic virus. The French president Emmanuel Macron will be addressed to the nation next week about the extension.

Currently, the lockdown is till the 15th of April but next week on Monday the President will be addressing the nation with a new decision to fight the virus.

Emmanuel Macron will speak to different public and private figures; French, International and European and ask them about the things which are at risk due to coronavirus and will come up with a decision till Monday.

This will be Macron’s third prime time address since the crisis started.

The lockdown in France started from 17th March in which only a few essential trips were allowed which required justification with a signed piece of paper.

541 cases have been reported with more deaths only on Wednesday which brings the total toll of confirmed cases of coronavirus to 10,869.

According to the French health official Jerome Salomon, this week a net increase of 17 has been noticed which is the lowest recorded so far.

He also said that the spread has slowed down in the past few days because of the strict lockdown.

Salomon also expressed hope by saying that France will see a flattening curve of cases in the coming days.

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