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“Lockdown not a solution to the coronavirus,” says PM Khan

Imran Khan—the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the lockdown was not a solution to the novel coronavirus and it posed a far greater threat to the people of the country than the virus.

While chairing a high-level meeting on the coronavirus situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed the nation-wide lockdown and its negative impacts on the daily lives of common people living in the country.

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During the meeting, the prime minister said that in such an unforeseen situation, the government has to maintain a balance between the precautionary measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic and the hunger challenges throughout the country.

PM Khan further said that the government of Pakistan had to make decisions based on the ground realities and the plight of the people of the country. “We must keep it in mind that until our economy does not resume fully in this situation, the challenges of the poor and the needy will continue to rise,” he added.

The premier said that the while the government of Pakistan understood how the suspension of businesses activities caused the irreparable damage to the country, we were forced to take these steps.

“Coronavirus is a reality. We need to ensure that no matter what, the protective measures and the rules and regulations laid down to curb the deadly virus are implemented so that people’s lives remain safe,” he added.

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