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Lockdown is Helping in Slowing down the Infection Rate

On Sunday, the Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar said that the infection rate is slowing down and the lockdown has helped a lot. The total number of cases increased above 3,000 and 46 people has died up till now.

The Minister of the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) told the reporters that the lockdown helped a lot in reducing the speed of the spread of coronavirus which is quite encouraging.

His statement doesn’t mean that the disease has stopped spreading, it is spreading.

But according to him if the lockdown has not been imposed then the spread would have been more rapid.

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The extension in the lockdown till the 14th of April will help in controlling the spread of COVID-19, Asad Umar added.

He informed, if the number of patients keeps on increasing then it can cause problems for the health sector.

For now, the situation is controllable but in the next coming weeks, it can test the country’s health care system. Although the government is working hard to increase the capacity of hospitals and quarantine facilities, providing ventilators and ICU beds for the patients suffering from the virus.

The lockdown is affecting the economy, especially the vendors and labors, and if it continues it can create problems for the middle class also, they won’t be able to handle it for a long time.

To avoid this situation the government has decided not to shut everything. The lockdown will be limited to some people and localities.

The minister said that there is a need to create a network that can identify the infected people so that the arrangements can be started to prevent others from getting in contact with the infected person.

Many youth groups have shown interest in conducting a volunteer programme to help people who need support.

Asad Umar also thanked the medical staff and the security personnel for their hard work and also to the people who followed lockdown.

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