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Lockdown Could be Reimposed if People Don’t Take Care; Says Minister


The federal minister for Information, Shibli Faraz has issued a warning that the lockdown could be reimposed in the country if people don’t take care.

He took it to Twitter for issuing this warning.

The minister added that the decision of relaxing the lockdown was taken to assist the ones who are suffering the most amid the lockdown conditions. He said the safeguard of the health of the nation and the economy goes together.

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The minister added that an extended lockdown has ruined smaller businesses, and added that for the restrictions to be lifted, they need the assistance of people. He urged all to follow the SOPs that have been developed for the reopening of the businesses.

The COVID-19 is a national issue, indicated the minister and said that we all must remain united in the fight against it.

On Thursday, PM Khan made the announcement that the nationwide lockdown will be lifted from the 9th of May. He also said that people must act responsibily and added that they should work within the provided restrictions.

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