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Local Airlines Taking Longer Routes for Lahore to Karachi Flights

For the flights from Lahore to Karachi, local airlines are taking longer routes. In order to evade the eastern airspace due to tensions with India, the flights are taking longer time to reach their destination. These flights are taking an hour more than the normal time. It is causing issues and disturbance for many travelers.

The Pakistani airspace has fully reopened after it was temporarily closed last week due to escalation in tensions with India, as per the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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Mohammad Khan, a passenger claimed that he traveled from Karachi to Lahore via Serene Air and the flight took at least an hour more to reach its desired destination. It reached in two-and-a-half hours.

He said that the pilot did disclosed before the start of the flight that he will go through a longer route so that the people do not panic.

Khan said that as per the pilot, he was ordered by the airline authorities to go through a longer route without giving him a reason.

Also, Pakistan national carrier PIA’s flight PK-303 from Lahore arrived in Karachi via the same route.

The Tuesday’s arrival data at major Pakistani airports revealed that all flights avoided going through straight routes to and from eastern Punjab cities and the federal capital.

A CAA official confirmed that the airspace has opened but with certain ‘restrictions’.

He said, “Yes the straight route which was followed previously for Lahore to Karachi, for example, is no longer being followed. Airports have been opened for travel but with restricted entry and exit.”