A round of new unscheduled and unannounced load shedding has been started again in various urban cities of Pakistan, the duration of load shedding which has been observed in rural areas is even worse and more than 12 hours across the country.

The Federal Minister for Power Umar Ayub Khan has explain the real cause of load shedding and said that power supply was interrupted due to suspension of gas supply because of an incident in Sadiqabad leaving a 36-inch hole in gas pipeline after explosion, Tribune reported.

The minister said the power division is trying to compensate the power shortage from other sources but that is not enough for smooth power supply and the public has to face temporary power outages in the country, he also apologized to the people of Pakistan for the inconvenience this unfortunate incident has caused.

However, a power division spokesperson said, “There is now shortfall at all.”

According to the spokesperson, the power division is carefully managing and observing the load especially in the areas where electricity is being stolen, but the loses are coming for other reasons, the country current power demand is 14,480 MW and the production is 14,500 MW hence, there is no shortfall.”

The Power Ministry earlier said that load shedding is started due to fog and later they came up with another story of power line failure, and now the ministry has said it is due to affected gas supply.

However, some sources in the power ministry said the shortfall of about 2000MW was added due to shutting down the gas-based power plants.

The PM Imran Khan in a cabinet meeting on Tuesday talked about the hours-long load shedding in the winter season when there is no heavy use of electricity. The PM was informed that many power plants had to be closed due to the interrupted supply of LNG and Furnace oil. The shortfall coupled with the fault in distribution lines has caused the hours-long load shedding, urban as well as rural areas. The PM Imran Khan has directed the Power Division to take actionable decisions to overcome the power supply issues as soon as possible.


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