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Load Shedding Free Pakistan—A Dream Come True

If it’s true, then it for sure is the best news for Pakistanis, today. The government of Pakistan posted on Twitter yesterday claiming that Pakistan would be load shedding free starting from the 4th of December.

Ministry of Energy reports that the first phase of load shedding free feeders are launched throughout the country from today.

Load shedding free Pakistan is one issue that gets the most attention and every government when comes in sovereign makes many promises relating it.

The present government tweeted saying that the load shedding free Pakistan was a dream in 2013 but today in 2017 it has become a reality.

5,399 electricity feeders are installed, which would provide continuous uninterrupted electricity to 14.9 million Pakistanis.

Earlier there was a trend that Urban areas used to get more electricity hours than the rural areas.  In the 2013 Power Discrepancy, the rural areas were facing load shedding of sixteen hours and the urban and industrial areas had fourteen hours of load shedding. This launch would kill the discrimination of load shedding hours.

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The government claim as per the tweet that there is enough energy production to meet the demand. In the year 2012, 3rd June the energy production was 11,952MW and this year on the same date the production is 19,200MW.

It was also mentioned in the posted ad on Twitter that only the high losses feeders would be having balanced outages. Once the losses are reduced which would be as per the government’s claim, more areas would be facilitated with uninterrupted electric supply.

The objectives of the launched plan are to reduce the losses, to provide good incentives to the employees and law enforcement.

As per the government plans by 2018, 10,00MW of additional electricity would be generated and beyond 2018 the energy production would be 15,000MW. The power sector would have Rupees 410 billion for development along with the investment by WAPDA next year of Rupees 317 billion.

Every Pakistani is thrilled with the news. Load shedding is a dilemma and if people are provided with continuous electric supply what could they ask for more especially in summers where it is unbearable to survive without electricity.

This launch would for sure be leading in making Pakistan—a Roshan Pakistan.

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