LipNET: A Lipreading Technology Revealed By The Researchers


It is called the Shillingford LipNet an End-to-End Sentence-level Lipreading technology

Lipreading as we know is the old concept, people used to do this technique in order to know/guess what the speaker is saying, however, this older technique was just confined to some really expert people in the subject, it is the technique of decoding text from speaker’s mouth as he/she speaks.

The recent research has taken this technique to the next level, new software designed to allow lipreading capabilities to anyone.

It is reported that researchers at Oxford University have developed a new artificially intelligent software that could perform better and more accurate lip-reading than humans. 
The researchers say that Lipreading algorithms developed by them have all types of real-world applications, and the technology seems promising in machine-learning lipreading.

It is a long and interesting research document to read,

Shillingford LipNet PDF: Click To Download the entire Lipreading PDF document

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