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Lightweight CNG Cylinders With Compatible Kits Soon To Hit Pakistan Market

CNG cylinders with weight 22kg and current Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) compatible kits would soon be introduced in Pakistani market as per Abdul Ghiyas Paracha, All Pakistan Compressed Natural Gas Association (APCNGA) Chairman. The only thing keeping it on hold was the approval from Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra). Once approval is given the import of CNG cylinders and compatible kits would begin. They would be used in vehicles from 660cc to 3000cc.

Filling Capacity of CNG: 8kg (Same as of old 60 kg CNG cylinders)

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Benefits of the new CNG cylinders:

  • Easy in handling
  • Important in fuel consumption
  • Better mileage
    In comparison to increased prices of vehicles, it would be cost effective

Import of CNG cylinders and compatible kits:

Pakistan is in talk with various companies from Argentine and Italy for import of the cylinders and the kit. Once imported the technology would be launched in Pakistan. As per Paracha many international companies are approaching APCNGA and they have interest for investing in the country seeing the talent and opportunities in CNG sector of Pakistan. In the year 2012 Pakistan topped the ranking of being the most CNG-user country in the world. Pakistan had 3.7 million CNG-run vehicles in the year. The chairman further said that within four years Pakistan would again become number one CNG-user country.