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Life Sentence Tenure Likely to Increase In Pakistan

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Life sentence tenure is likely to increase in Pakistan.

There are chances for the surge in life sentence tenure from twenty-five years till death in Pakistan as a larger bench has been formed for determining the tenure of a life sentence.

This bench would be headed by Asif Saeed Khosa, the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

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The current sentencing in the penal law has decided 25 years of captivity for those people who are awarded a penalty. The Chief justice is confused whether the sentencing is enough, or it should be executed in letter and making it sentencing until the person dies in the cell.

The bench consisting of 7 members working under Chief Justice Khosa will be giving their verdict regarding this matter till Wednesday, 2nd October.

During a hearing of an appeal of a convicted felon, this tenure of the life sentencing came under consideration and became a talking point.

On the other hand, PM Khan is on his way to Pakistan. His party leaders and workers are all prepared to give the premier of Pakistan a grand welcome.

PM Khan is returning from New York after giving his heroic address in the United Nation’s General Assembly.

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