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LHC Issue Notice to PIA for Illegal Hiring

Lahore High Court has issued a notice to PIA chief operating officer and director. The notice is on a petition filed against PIA for contractual hiring in the airline for heavy salaries.

Nasir Mir, a member of the national carrier’s legal team filed this petition to Justice Sajid Mahmood Sethi of the high court. The complaint is against illegal appointments in the airline which is yet unproven.

As per Nasir Mir recently PIA hired many individuals on important posts, violating the relevant laws. His allegation is that many people are appointed on the contract given hefty pay package. This is happening under the current situation of PIA facing a severe financial crisis.

A case was given as an example of a chief commercial officer of PIA who was hired on contract for Rs 2 million. This is in conflict with the situation of permanent employees in the airline who are paid much less. A person hired on contract is paid much more than the permanent one in PIA.

Moreover, he further pleaded that the appointments made by PIA are illegal. After the first hearing, LHC has issued a notice to PIA defendants to file their comments before the next hearing.

PIA is going through a rough patch already. The recent fire incident was another disappointing incident added to the list.

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The airline is drowning, in this situation, illegal hiring would put another dent to the supposed leading airline of Pakistan.