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LHC Ends Age Limit for Education

The Lahore High Court has put aside the condition of the age limit to get the education on Tuesday.

Justice Atir Mahmood of the Lahore High Court made the announcement of this decision which was moved by Zobia Amjad—who is a resident of Faizabad. She was denied admission to a local college because of being overage under the policy.

Atir Mahmood said that while announcing his verdict that when there is no age restriction in many other countries around the world then why should we practise it in our country.

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He mentioned that there is no age limit for education. The judge said that the questioned policy deprives the petitioner and many other candidates who wish to complete their education at later stages of their age. He further announced it unlawful and gave instructions to the educational institutes to consider the petitioner for admission and many more such candidates as per the law.

Zobia Ahmed the petitioner had questioned the policy via her counsel Advocate Imran Ghumman for being against the basic rights protected by the constitution. She informed that she cleared her Matriculation examinations in 2009 from the Intermediate and Secondary Education Board—Faisalabad and was unable to continue her education because she got married.

She informed further that her marriage has ended. She got her divorce in 2016 and then she took the decision of continuing with her education. She said that she applied for admission in a private college but was denied admission under the policy the government issued on 20th July 2016.

The government’s counsel opposed the petition, requesting the court that it was a policy matter and the court should not interfere in it.

Justice Mahmood after hearing both sides permitted the petition and observed that the policy/notification issued by the Secretary of Higher Education cannot be a policy. He observed that policies are devised by the government which meant “Cabinet”.

The court ordered the educational institutes to consider the applicant for education.

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