LHC Directs Govt to Place Ban on The Employment of Kids as Domestic Workers

domestic workers

The Lahore High Court has directed the government of Punjab to place a ban on the employment of kids who are under the age of 15 as domestic workers.

While hearing a petition, the government of Punjab was appreciated by the Justice Jawad Hassan for beginning legislation on the domestic workers’ rights. He instructed the government to decree on the matter expeditiously.

After a draft of Domestic Workers Bill 2018 was presented by the representative of the Punjab government, the judge questioned the failure of the Punjab government in implementing the rights of the domestic workers.

The court mentioned that ever since the formation of Pakistan the rights of domestic workers have been violated. He instructed the provincial lawmakers to regulate the working hours and wage structure of the domestic help.

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It was informed to the government that it is included in the proposed bill 2018 of domestic workers that their working hours be limited to 8 hours, while special courts and committees would be formed for solving their issues.

The court was also briefed that the proposed bill shall also ban on the employment of domestic help under the age of 15. Upon this, the court showed great satisfaction and termed it a positive step.

The judge applauded that for the first time, such law is being drafted and that Pakistan is among those few nations where domestic workers would be regulated under law and child labour under the age of 15 would be strictly barred.

Once the act is implemented, the proposed law would ensure that every employment of domestic help is entitled to a letter of employment in a written form mentioning all the terms and conditions of his employment which includes the amount of wages, type of work, etc.

Other than the weekly rates, the domestic workers would also be subjected to 8 leaves with complete wages and 8 leaves without wages, 10 festival leaves while a female domestic worker shall be entitled to maternity benefits with a minimum amount equivalent to 6 weeks wages.

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