LHC declares PEMRA Chairman Appointment Illegal – Absar Alam Resigns

A petition rose questions on the appointment of Absar Alam. Today Lahore High Court has reached its verdict and declared the appointment of the chairman of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Absar Alam, illegal.

Munir Ahmad, a citizen filed a petition against appointment of Pemra Chairman. In the petition, Ahmad declared that Alam was taking Rs1.5 million salary per month. The post of Pemra’s chairman is same as that of an MP-I (Managerial Position). It was informed to the court that the maximum salary that can be given to an MP-I scale is Rs 450,000.

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Ahmed clearly stated that Absar Alam was given hefty salary unfairly. It is a violation of merit by the federal government. Partiality and favoritism are what best describes PEMRA’s chairman’s illegal appointment.

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When the court decided the verdict in the last hearing, the PEMRA’s counsel requested for more time but this request was rejected by LHC. The verdict has been announced today and it has been ordered by Lahore High Court to appoint a new PEMRA chairman with 30 days. The judge said that an advertisement should be placed for the appointment.

The bench remarked that “The new PEMRA chief should be appointed on merit.”

After this decision taken by PEMRA, Absar Alam has immediately relinquished his charge.

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