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LHC Bans Underage Driving

ban underage driving

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has issued a notice to ban underage driving. The notice was issued on the 13th of September. As per the notice, in case of the rule violation the parents would be sent to jail.

Some days back, a responsible citizen took the matter in front of the Lahore High Court in form of a drafted petition. After hearing the case, the LHC judge—Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi on Wednesday, the 12th of September 2018 placed a ban on underage driving and mentioned that any underage individual would not be permitted to drive cars, motorcycles or even rickshaws.

Justice Qureshi also mentioned that the parents or guardian of an underage individual who would be found breaking the law would be sent to jail. He has also instructed the Traffic Police officials to take all needed measures on an immediate basis.

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The City Traffic Police would be launching an extensive drive against the underage drivers and riders.

Liaquat Ali Malik—the Chief Traffic Officer has instructed his complete staff and wardens on duty to take strict action against the ones breaking this newly placed ban without granting any favour or whatsoever.

On the first violation, the parents or guardian would be asked to visit the police station and sign an affidavit that the violation would not be repeated, in case of repetition the parents or guardian would be sent to jail.

Throughout the world, there is a particular age limit set for getting a driving license and Pakistan has got the same laws, but unfortunately, the laws are being violated casually.

Underage driving is the cause of many accidents resulting in some serious injuries or even deaths. These young drivers are not only a danger for themselves but also for a threat to others. Other than cars, a majority of kids are seen riding motorbikes and auto rickshaws.

For getting an official driving license permit the required age limit is 18. All the individuals who have got learners permit at present should also have a licensed driver with them while driving, as they could not drive alone until they receive their actual license.

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