LHC Bans Children Employment under the age of 15 as Domestic Help

The employment of children under the age of 15 as domestic help has been banned by the Lahore High Court. The Punjab government is ordered to legislate on the issue.

The court said, “The rights of domestic workers have been violated ever since Pakistan came into being.”

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A March 2018 petition hearing was conducted by the high court. It was moved by the Advocate Sheraz Zaka asking a question regarding the Punjab government’s failure to implement the domestic rights of the workers.

The court ruled in the case as the Domestic Workers Bill 2018 draft was furnished by the Punjab government. The court was informed by the state prosecutor that according to the proposed bill the duty of domestic workers will be limited to 8 hours and their problems will be resolved through the formation of special committees and courts. The court was satisfied upon learning that employment of under 15 years of age children as domestic help is being banned in the proposed draft.

It is important that we as citizens don’t use small children as domestic help. These children need books instead of brooms, education instead of washing soap, knowledge instead of your dirty laundry. We need to play our part for the betterment of the society.

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