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LG U+ Drone Phone: Price & Specifications in Pakistan

LG U+ will launch its first drone phone globally very soon. People want to know when this phone will launch in Pakistan, what are its specifications and price for Pakistani users.

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As for its specifications, LG is calling the phone 2 in 1 drone phone. The uniqueness of the phone lies in the fact that the phone could just sway in thin air and the user can take selfies, take video calls, do cliff jumping swimming, paragliding, the phone can accompany them everywhere anywhere. Another feature of the phone is that it can self-charge, and it has an extremely high-intensity flashlight of 5000cd. LG is calling this project 505 BY LGU+.

As the release date of the phone is yet not decided or announced thus we cannot say when the phone will release in Pakistan.

We can expect that the price of the phone will be really expensive, globally and in Pakistan. A normal smartphone with moderate features is expensive these days, but here we are talking about a phone that can just move in thin air, around you, with no support, take your selfies without you stretching your hands, capture your adventurous moments by being on your side, allow you to multitask, cook and video call your friends and family quite easily. So yes, get ready to spend some real money if you are interested to buy this phone.

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