LG Releases Rollable OLED TV In the US For $100,000

LG rollable TV

LG rollable screens were in rumors a few months ago but now it’s a reality. A high price was to be expected, but LG is making the latest piece of television high-tech a luxury item for the rich. The company’s first rollable OLED 4K TV will go on sale in the United States in August, priced at $100,000.

The world of luxury products is above all reliable in one respect: luxury usually also means that price and performance do not have to be directly related to each other. When LG presented a prototype of a rollable OLED TV at the CES in 2018 and then announced a market launch, many of them had of course expected a high price. Three years later, the company delivers another big surprise around the flagship project with a price tag of 100,000 US dollars (the equivalent of around 85,000 euros).

As The Verge writes in its report, the company intends to officially accept pre-orders for the Signature OLED TV R model in the USA from August. A corresponding product page has already been activated, but the “Add to cart” button, which was available for a short time, was quickly removed. However, the company does not yet want to announce when delivery can be expected.

With a look at the other performance data, it quickly becomes clear that future buyers definitely need to be enthusiastic about rolling equipment. The OLED TV R relies on a 64.5 inch (1.64 m) screen diagonal with 4K Ultra HD (3.840 x 2.160) resolution – both of which are not top values, especially in the area of ​​ultra-expensive TV models, which often have extreme resolutions and sizes score.

Otherwise, LG writes everything on the datasheet that is currently expected of modern TVs: Dolby Vision, 120Hz mode with 1 ms response time, variable refresh rate, auto-low-latency mode, and more. As is typical for LG, webOS is used as the operating system. A Dolby Atmos sound system is also integrated into the fairly generously dimensioned base.

Last but not least, LG also provides information about the longevity of the panel. Accordingly, the OLED TV R can unfold its unique selling point around 50,000 times – that’s enough for years, but at least sets an approximate end date for the 100,000 euro investment.