LG plans to add 100 million more products to its WebOS platform

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LG has laid its foundation as a big multimedia tech company. According to some recent pieces of information, LG intends to add more devices to its entertainment operating system. Notably, the company aims to add 100 million devices to its WebOS over the next few years.

LG is no longer involved with the smartphone industry. However, the company is working on smartphone technology. Metalenses for cameras is one of its projects that is known for greatly reducing the camera size. Furthermore, the company is providing OLED panels for Apple iPhones. The company has also partnered with Samsung for battery technology.

LG aims to grow WebOS to 100 million more devices

The entertainment operating system of the company has been named WebOS. It can be found on the company’s smart TVs as well as home appliances. Currently, it can be found on 200 million devices worldwide, and the company now plans to grow it further.

During the LG WebOS Partner Summit 2023, the company declared that KRW 1 trillion ($753 million USD) will be invested in WebOS over the next three years. The company will utilize the investments to improve the user experience as well as introduce more devices with WebOS, including larger quantities of content.

LG intends to push UI enhancements and deepen collaborations with several content creation services globally. In addition to this, the company announced that it will focus on AI. You might wonder when LG will debut its AI chatbot. Well, no. The company will debut a VUI (voice user interface). It will help users to use the software with their voice. In an effort to provide a seamless experience, the company will use the VUI with eh partner’s apps as well.

The business is always working on innovation, so the users of its products will benefit from this renewed emphasis on WebOS.

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