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‘Levis’ Exposed for planting a hidden camera in the trial room

A hidden camera was planted in the trial room of the famous clothing brand ‘Levis’. Two accused individuals have been arrested for planting the camera in the Levis store in Faisalabad.

The brand is located on the Chen One road Faisalabad. A customer found this hidden camera in the trial room. The customer then took pictures of the camera & complained about it. The management of the store took the customer’s phone & deleted the pictures. The citizen got really angry & went to the police for complaint. When the police arrived the camera had been removed & they couldn’t find the camera or any data.

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Posted by Karachi Phir Karachi Hai on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

For this crime, the police have arrested the assistant manager of the store & one other employee. The case has been registered on the accused 509 and 352. The name of Manager & owner of Levis is also included but they are not arrested yet.

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It must be noted that this is not the first time such a case has surfaced. On the internet, many videos have been uploaded captured in the changing trial rooms. The big brands like Levis were trusted by the customers but now no brand can be trusted.

One needs to be careful & take necessary precautions before thinking to change clothes in the trial room. If you want to be sure whether a trial room has a camera or not, notice if your phone signals have dropped suddenly as you enter the changing room. If they have not, it means there is no hidden camera inside. Also look around the room carefully, check if the mirror is a real mirror or two-way mirror, look around for any hidden cameras in the room. Be completely sure, before you decide to change clothes in the trial room.

If you feel uneasy or seem hesitant the advice would be not to change clothes in the changing room.