Lenovo Unveils MotoAi Personal Assistant At Lenovo Tech World ’23

Lenovo, at its Tech World ’23 event, showcased a myriad of emerging AI functionalities and flexible hardware, either under development or conceptualized, marking its stride towards tech-forward solutions.

Spotlight on MotoAI: The Personal Assistant

Amongst the plethora of intriguing technologies like foldable and rollable gadgets in the smartphone and PC arenas, the MotoAI, a personal assistant, stands out as nearing its launch phase. Engineered for both PCs and smartphones, MotoAI vows to offer a ceaseless learning curve, ensuring a tailored user experience while upholding privacy.

A Knowledge-Rich, Continuous Learning Assistant

Lenovo accentuates MotoAI’s extensive knowledge repository that continually adapts to user patterns through intuitive voice or text interactions. This feature facilitates seamless engagement for users, aiding in answering queries, drafting messages, scheduling tasks, and other activities, enhancing productivity.

Privacy-Centric, On-Device Processing

Distinctively, unlike its cloud-reliant counterparts, MotoAI processes data and executes tasks locally on the device, promising an elevated data privacy level, a much-needed feature in today’s digital age.

Powering Future Motorola Smartphones

MotoAI, envisaged as a progressively dynamic and helpful personal assistant, is slated to be the driving force behind all Motorola smartphones shortly, hinting at a more personalized user-smartphone interaction. As Lenovo continues its journey in AI-driven solutions, the tech community eagerly anticipates more unveilings of Lenovo’s AI-centric tools in the forthcoming months.

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