Lenovo supposedly has an 8-inch Windows-based Steam Deck rival in the works

When it comes to handheld gaming PCs we have a list of different options. However, the arrival of Valve’s Steam Deck revolutionized the gaming market. Now, it appears like everyone is vying for a piece of the cake, with ASUS leading the pack with its well-liked ROG Ally.

Some recent pieces of information suggest that Lenovo could soon enter the competition. Recently, a rumor emerged from Windows Central. The information suggests that a ‘Lenovo Legion-Go’ might be in development. As we all know Legion is a sub-brand of Lenovo. Legion is well-known for its gaming products. Besides this, Lenovo used to introduce its gaming smartphones under Legion sub-brand however, earlier this year, the company abandoned this market category completely.

Well, the newly emerged information clarifies the stance behind Lenovo leaving the gaming smartphone industry. the rumored information suggests that Legion Go could feature an 8-inch display. Well, the display offered by Lenovo on this is larger than the one featured on Steam Deck and ROG Ally i.e., a 7-inch display. Furthermore, it could be powered by a new Phoenix processor. The processor is assumed to be part of the AMD Ryzen line. Accompanied by this processor, the Legion Go seems to be more powerful than the ROG Ally. Since they have not been debuted yet, so we can’t claim much about the specs.

There are no further details about the Legion Go besides this information. Well, this is not the first time we have across information about Lenovo working on a gaming handheld. Previously, the rumors suggested that the company could introduce an Android-based handheld just like the Razer Edge. The rumors didn’t end in an actual product. For this reason, there are chances that Legion Go might never be unveiled.

If you’re interested in a gaming handheld in 2023, the Steam Deck or the ROG Ally are probably the best options because we don’t yet have any solid renders or other reliable information about this gadget.