Lenovo Saviour Gaming Phone 2 Pro Officially Comes On April 8

Lenovo Saviour Gaming Phone 2 Pro

Lenovo officially announced today that it will hold a new product launch conference for the Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro on April 8. The rescuer gaming mobile phone previously said that the industry’s first dual-turbo super-dimensional cooling system.

Earlier, it was reported that Lenovo’s saviour gaming phone 2 Pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, LPDDR5 memory and dual X-axis linear motors. Lenovo’s new saviour device has been connected to the network, and its 3C certification network access information shows that there are two models, one of which supports 45W fast charging, and the other supports up to 65W fast charging.

According to a Weibo tipster, Savior gaming phone 2 Pro still focuses on the horizontal grip gaming experience, and the screen is upgraded to a high-brush OLED with a diamond row. The dual fan is not connected to the side like the Red Devils, but directly on the back cover of the device, which looks very cyberpunk.

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