Lenovo introduces its concept of a rollable phone

Lenovo showed off various interesting products at the Lenovo Tech World. Among the various products, the most attention-seeking product was a rollable Motorola smartphone. However, the company pointed out that this latest technology is still in its initial phases.

The concept of a rollable Motorola phone was introduced by an internal innovative group known as 312 Labs. The group targets a wide array of technologies. Moreover, it also aims to provide a painless experience with innovative tech devices. According to Motorola, OLED technology can provide the ideal balance of comfort as well as the content.  Since OLED technology is known to be quite flexible. The new concept focuses on three versatile modes:

  • Extended mode
  • Comfort
  • Peek

When it comes to pocketable mode device could get as small as four inches. While its extended form could grow around 6.5-inches tall. A technology like this could be worth it. Though, we have already witnessed such innovation in the mobile industry by LG. LG manufactured the LG Rollable Phone. The product was ready to be marketed to the public until when the company decided to leave the smartphone market entirely. Although the product was sold off to the employees and was retail-ready.

The general idea behind a rollable mobile device is the same. Although, the two companies have approached it distinctly. Lenovo has chosen an extended vertical display. Thus, making the device pocketable. Though still having a large display. All this is possible because of the rollable OLED technology. Furthermore, the device can be controlled via a physical push button. The button could expand and retract the device. Certainly, such technological features hold much more potent compared to foldable devices.

Sadly, when such technology will be available could not be said appropriately. Since Lenovo has not yet made it clear when it will be ready to purchase. As we know that it is just a new concept, so it has a long way to go. Till then we must rely on foldable technology.