Lenovo discontinues its Legion gaming phone series



ASUS, RedMagic, and Lenovo are some companies that are known for their gaming phones. A new report indicates that Lenovo is going to abandon its Legion gaming phone series. Overall, gaming phones are a reasonable niche in the smartphone market. However, it is going to further shrink with Lenovo leaving the space.

As per information from Android Authority, the company has confirmed that its Legion gaming phone arm has been closed. It is now officially dead. Well, the Legion phones were not available on a mass scale, yet they were not so old that they could be abandoned. Reportedly, the Legion series was available in a few marketplaces in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. They were not officially available in the US.

Besides this, smartphones were quite expensive. Such high prices indicate that they were a direct competition with the ROG Phone series by ASUS. Where ROG Phone by ASUS is quite an expensive device and is considered the zenith in this category.

Lenovo has taken this step as part of its business transformation

It appears that the company could have opted for this decision because of the high price and the small market. For this reason, the company has shut down the business arm that manufactures these devices. Well, the company has said that this closedown is a part of Lenovo’s wider business transformation and gaming portfolio alliance.

On the other hand, it could be that Lenovo has taken this step in order to cut costs. Since the Legion gaming phone was not a profitable business the company has planned to abandon it. With Lenovo leaving the marketplace, ASUS will have no direct competitors. Reduced competition may inhibit other brands’ innovation. And in the end, it basically means that consumers who purchase gaming phones have fewer options.