Lemon Prices to Decrease by Rs.100 in Peshawar

lemon prices

The district administration of Peshawar has captured 9,000 kilograms of lemons from cold storage in Chamkani—Peshawar. These lemons were seized on Wednesday. It is anticipated that lemon prices would decrease following the raid of the district administration.

The warehouse owner was charged with a fine of Rs.100,000.

The lemons were stored in the warehouse so that they could be sold at double rates in the holy month.

The government officials took the seized lemons and auctioned them at the Sabzi market.

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The administration is of the belief that the lemon prices in Peshawar would be reduced after the raid. As per them, the price would decrease from Rs.400 per kilogram to Rs.300 per kilogram.

Previously, it was in reports that the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had remained unsuccessful to control the price hike in the holy month of Ramazan with rates of regular commodities making new records. We all know that during Ramazan the demand for fruits and culinary delights increases.

As per a conducted field survey by The Express Tribune, it was learnt that the food department teams were witnessed restricting their activities to the wholesale markets of KP while the profiteers are burgling public in the retail bazaars without any check.

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