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Lego Launches ‘Central Park’ Set for Celebrating Friends 25th Anniversary


LEGO is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the most-famous sitcom Friends with a recreating of the infamous Central Park café studio so that the sitcom fans could now build their own Central park coffee shop.

Chandler, Gunther, Ross, Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe would all be on the newly released lego set.

The set includes mini-figures including the brick-built keyboard of Ross, muffin of Monica, Pizza box of Joey, tray and coffee cup of Rachel, laptop of Chandler, broom of Gunther, pizza slice and man bag and the guitar of Phoebe.

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The set is framed by a pair of TV lights, reminding strongly that the set is based on a television show.

The Friends lego set is composed of up to 1,070 individual pieces, vowing to provide brick-to-brick fun and joy for anyone.

The set is to become available in the LEGO stores countrywide and online from the 1st of September.

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