Legal War Between Apple & Qualcomm Continues

The legal war between Apple & Qualcomm has been extended by Apple. Apple has accused Qualcomm for charging of unacceptable patents.

Apple’s side of story:

Apple has claimed that many of patents of Qualcomm are invalid as they are in conflict with present patents. Also Apple officials said that other patent are not important for cellphone communications as per information of the lawsuit reported by The Wall Street Journal.
It was in January when Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm. The complaint was that the chipmaker demand unjustified royalties and billions of dollars in compensation as well, taking advantage of Apple’s market power.

The iPhone maker filed two complaints in China as well few days later. After this attack, Now Apple has said in an email to AFP that Qualcomm’s unethical activities are harming not just Apple but the whole tech industry.

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They demand more money than their offered services is what Apple has issue with. Qualcomm provides Apple with just one component but demands certain percentage of total cost of their products for years. It can be said that Qualcomm is taking advantage of Apple’s innovation.

Qualcomm’s side of story:

 Accusations are denied by Qualcomm. Qualcomm came with a counterattack on Apple saying that Apple broke agreements and is boosting regulatory attack on Qualcomm globally.
It says that Qualcomm’s innovations are essential part of each and every iPhone. It is because of those innovations that certain important features operate in IPhone. It is not true that Qualcomm is taking money out of Apple. Apple’s technology has nothing to do with the innovation of Qualcomm.

US Federal Trade Commission accused Qualcomm of maintaining monopoly in baseband processors, illegally. As per Qualcomm the claims were wrong and had no base.