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Legal Notice Warning Issued to Cast of Maula Jatt 2

Original Maula Jatt was produced by Bahoo Films Corporation. They have issued a notice to producers and cast of Maula Jatt 2, warning them that they are illegally re-producing Maula Jatt. The consent of the producers is not granted to re-make the film.

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Sarwer Bhatti and son Mohammed Muttaqi, CEO of Bahoo Films Corporation have issued the letter and notices to director Bilal Lashari and cast Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, Humaima Malick and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

The film crew and cast are warned to not make Maula Jatt or face legal action.

The notice said, “This is to inform you that Bahoo Films Corporation, chaired by Muhammad Sarwar Bhatti, is the original maker and copyright holder of Maula Jatt which you are currently engaged in the illegal making of. We have warned the directors and producers, including Ammara Hikmat, to avoid abusing our rights but they have continued to do the same. Their claim of purchasing the rights from writer Nasir Adeeb is fraudulent. This is a warning for you to stay away from this project and announce your disassociation with the illegal film-making as soon as possible. You are blessed with a good reputation in this respective field and the team who is involved in the illegal reproduction is clearly not concerned about your status. However, we believe you must take care of your own reputation if no one else is doing so. We await your written confirmation regarding the disassociation with this illegal venture; otherwise, we will continue taking legal actions against the production team and not hesitate to take the same actions against you.”

Bhatti also said, According to constitution and Copy Rights Act, we are the original owners of Maula Jatt. I already warned Bilal Lashari’s father and let him know of the illegal project his son is involved in. I also let him know that I will be taking legal action against them. We plan on bringing the shooting to a halt and have the paperwork ready. Maula Jatt was a real asset for this film industry. As we live in a country where the law and courts still exist, we will not let any influential groups or people violate Pakistan’s law.”