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Lebanon City Policewomen Wear Shorts as New Uniform

The policewomen of the city of Lebanon are patrolling the streets in black mini shorts and red berets, as per the reports of RT.

This is all a part of the mayor’s plan for attracting more tourists and for improving the country’s overall image.

Pierre Achkar—the mayor of Broummana town explained that ninety-nine per cent of the tourists in the region of Mediterranean wear shorts.

He has hopes that the new team of female traffic police would assist the town in attracting more tourists and would help in making the country’s image better.

Ackhar said that in Lebanon they have this plan of changing the unwelcoming picture of the country in the West. He said that the aim of this decision is to change the country’s image in the minds of the people of West so that Lebanon could attract more tourists from the West.

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Nevertheless, some quarters on social media are complaining that it is not good to attract tourists using attractive women.

Others noted that the uniform of the fellow male colleagues did not change.

Some said that the decision is just being over-hyped and there is nothing wrong with it. As the female police officers perform their duty well and help people in organizing traffic. All these policewomen are respectable.

Despite the mixed reactions following the decision, one of the newly-hired police officer—Samata Saad said that she is enjoying the job.

She added that they all intentionally joined this line of work and have accepted the decision with enthusiasm and said that they hope that it would return in every summer season.

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