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Learn to Live with Coronavirus Pandemic – PM Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the country would have to learn to live with the pandemic as we cannot afford lockdown for an indefinite period.

Imran Khan said at a press briefing with cabinet members that we want to tell the medical, health workers of our country that lifting the lockdown is necessary to provide jobs to 25 million informal labourers and workers who became jobless due to the lockdown.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza made the announcement. Also, it was announced that soon Pakistan will start the production of the antiviral Remdesivir. It displayed positive results in the treatment of Covid-19 patients in the US.

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PM’s aide said, “We should take pride in that only six pharmaceutical companies have been given licences to manufacture Remdesivir and the local firm is one of the three companies which have been allowed to export the drug to 127 states.”

Adding, “We are also ensuring that the price of Remdesivir would be affordable to everyone.”

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