Leading Pakistani Banks declare Netflix ‘un-Islamic’

Netflix is in hot waters as the leading Pakistani banks have declared it un-Islamic. Initially, the Meezan Bank declared Netflix “un-Islamic” and refused to accept the Netflix payments by the customers. And now UBL has also followed suit.

A Netflix user Mohammed Ahmed Tariq complained to Meezan Bank when his payments were rejected for his subscription renewal.

Upon his complaint, he was informed that the Netflix payment falls against the Shariah policy of the bank.

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Tariq was surprised hearing this and said, “First of all, I hadn’t asked them for all the information that the bank had given me over the phone. And it wasn’t even in my mind that the Netflix payment would be rejected because the bank deems it ‘non-Islamic.'”

On Social media, many people have expressed their opinion regarding Netflix being declared un-Islamic by a few Pakistani banks.

A user said, “@UBLDigital your 24-hour helpline had me wait 5 minutes to talk to a rep who took 10 seconds to inform me I can’t pay for Netflix with my ubl card and proceeded to put me on hold again.”

Another user tweeted, ” 2 days and still nothing from UBL and Netflix, my account is still freezed for none payment. UBL unable to process transaction. Typical. Amazon Prime on other hand working fine but its no way near as good as Netflix. “

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