Law Minister Present Ideas to Protect Rights of Parents

To protect parent’s rights in Pakistan, the law minister shared three ideas with the prime minister aiming for a better society.

In a recent meeting with PM Imran Khan, Farogh Naseem – federal minister for law – shared a proposal to formulate a law protecting the rights of old-age parents.

The minister presented 3 proposals and will draft a detailed bill with all the insights to share with the PM.

The bill will cover parents living under their children’s roof. The children will be prohibited from expelling their parents.

Parents, living in their own homes, would be able to ask their parents to arrange their own living within just 10 days.

For homes built by children on the land owned by the parents, would also grant rights for parents.

These were some suggestions presented by the minister. These would empower parents and their rights. And will result in a more peaceful and strong society.

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