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Launch Of Free Wi-Fi In Punjab Is A Step Towards Creation Of Smarter Cities

As Punjab free public Wi-Fi was launched by Punjab Information Technology Board the Wi-Fi users increased to 513,193 over 5.1 million sessions for a period of 4,043,733 minutes and used data of 419.73 Terabytes. This huge increase shows that digital divide between people is minimized and masses are accepting the use of technology. This information was given by founding Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University (ITU) Punjab Dr. Umar Saif who is also Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). He spoke on the occasion saying that launching free Wi-Fi in Punjab was a step towards progress to create smart cities in the province and digitalize Punjab. The gap due to digital divide has been eradicated to an extent because of this launch.

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The public would be able to use free Wi-Fi anywhere at any time be it hospital, educational institutions, market place, transport terminals, airport, railway station or any commercial area. Youth would be able to expand their knowledge and have access to information at all times. Having free Wi-Fi at the airport in big cities of Pakistan Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan would facilitate tourists and the public. Also, two other big cities of Pakistan Faisalabad and Bahawalpur will be provided with this facility in the future. A survey of both these cities has been done and design is in final stages of this project.

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