Latest YouTube Music’s redesign update will enhance casting experience


With design improvements and certain quality-of-life upgrades, YouTube Music is continuously becoming better, and it shows: over time, it has grown to be a strong rival to Spotify for many users. Although the update isn’t yet live for everyone, the most recent modification to the music streaming service aims to enhance and harmonize the casting experience across iOS and Android.

When you hit the cast button in most Android apps, casting choices always appear as a floating window in the center of your screen. However, as programs like Spotify, with its unique implementation and extra features, have long demonstrated, it doesn’t have to appear that way. Not much can be done with YouTube Music on Android because it’s still a Google app with Google’s own standards more prominently.

Redditor u/notjhoan (via 9to5Google) posted pictures indicating that Google is testing a new bottom-based sheet for cast targets. It’s more packed than the old overlay, so you might be able to see more casting targets at once. At the top, albeit not entirely new, is a section with suggested objectives. For some time now, the business has been trying a similar interface modification to the previous overlay.

As part of the revamp, the active casting interface itself is also modified. The volume slider is also shown in a bottom-based card rather than an overlay. It appears that there isn’t currently a way to cease casting using that interface, which is a strange omission. It’s conceivable that the updated user interface is still being worked on and isn’t quite ready.

The interfaces for YouTube Music for iOS and Android are now more similar thanks to the redesigned bottom sheet. While YouTube Music for iOS has long had a similar appearance to the Android version, not everyone has been able to see the suggested targets. We haven’t yet noticed the updated casting UI on our phones. It’s a gradual rollout that hasn’t been made generally available just yet as noted by 9to5Google.

With Nest audio devices or screens, Google has recently made it simpler to switch between voice control and touch screen control with ease. The YouTube Music app on your phone instantly connects to the speaker you’ve started listening to when you initiate a voice session. From there, you may manage playing, the queue, and other features. When combined, the controls on YouTube Music are not nearly as good as those on Spotify Connect, but they are getting there.

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