Latest Play Store will make user experience better for larger screens

Google has been developing its apps to provide its big-screen users with a more fulfilling experience. These amendments to the app are making it more convenient for users to enjoy big-screen experiences. These apps are being revamped to work better on tablets and foldables. As per information from Google (via Fone Arena), a tremendous Play Store redesign will make the app experience far better on larger screens.

As Google has launched its own tablets and foldables, updating its apps for larger screens makes a lot of sense. Before this, Google hadn’t paid any attention to redesigning its apps accordingly for larger screens. All Android users have been using the mobile version of the app on their 10-inch tablet screens since 2010. Parallel to all this happening, Apple launched iPadOS, which redefined what a tablet can do.

But with the developments Google is making, the scenarios are much different than they were in the past. Google is continuously adding improvements to its apps.

A redesign of the Play Store will make its use far better on larger screens

Google is redesigning its Play Store app. This update will make the experience far better on tablets and foldables. When you open the app, a large banner will be displayed over the top of the page, containing screenshots right below. The show is far more visually appealing.

Additionally, the Play Store will use a two-column layout for displaying the app’s information. Information about the app is displayed on the left side of the screen, and a list of related apps is displayed on the right. Navigating is significantly simpler as a result.

There is also a split-screen search mode in a similar vein. The search results appear on one side of the screen once you enter a search term. You’ll see the information screen for the selected app on the opposite side of the screen. This implies that looking for apps won’t require you to flip between displays.

The following function is more like what Apple does. You can find suggestions for apps that are better suited for tablets when using one. As a result, you are more likely to find apps designed for tablets than for phones if you search for a productivity or coloring app for your tablet.