Last Solar Eclipse of 2020 to be Observed Today


On Monday, news came out that a total solar eclipse will take place on the 14th of December (today), and also it will be the last eclipse of the year 2020.

As per the weather department, the solar eclipse will start at 6:34 pm and will end at 11:53 pm. Although, it will not be noticeable in Pakistan as it will take place in the evening.

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According to the reports, people in Chile and Argentina in South America will be able to detect the total solar eclipse for 2 minutes and 10 seconds, while people in the southern parts of South America, South-West Africa, and Antarctica will be able to witness a partial solar eclipse.

On the other hand, the solar eclipse can also be viewed online through the live link provided by the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA).

This will be the second and last solar eclipse of the year 2020. The first one occurred previously on June 21st and was witnessed in some parts of Pakistan.

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