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Largest Plane of The World Takes First Test Flight

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On Saturday, the largest plane of the world entitled as—Behemoth consisting of 2 fuselages and Boeing 747 engines, took its first test flight in California.

The mega plane made its first voyage from above the Mojave Desert.

The purpose to design this craft is to carry and drop a rocket to arrange satellites.

The deploying of satellites needs a more flexible way rather than vertical take-offs because all you need is a long runway in order to take-off.

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The aircraft is made by a company named Scaled Composites.

It has a wingspan larger than a football field, approximately 117 meters long 1.5 times than that of an Airbus A380.

The mega jet hits the top speed nearly at 304 km /hr reaching to an altitude of 17,000ft, 5,182m.

The CEO of stratolaunch-Jean Floyd thinks that the first test flight went fantastic.

It is financed by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft in order to get into the market for the launching of small satellites.

The company’s future is uncertain as Allen—the financer of the company died in October last year.

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