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Largest Alpine Glacier Could Disappear by 2100


The largest Alpine glacier Aletsch could completely disappear by the end of 2100. If there is nothing done to control climate change by taking effective measure, there is a strong likelihood that the biggest Alpine glacier will disappear by the end of this century.

A cutting-edge simulation was done by a team of researchers in Switzerland to display how the Aletsch Glacier will alter as the planet is warming. This was revealed in a statement by the ETH technical university in Zurich.

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Already the glacier that covers 86 square kilometers and is estimated to hold almost 11 billion tonnes of ice has seen its tongue recede by around one kilometer.

The scientists have predicted that this trend will continue even if the 2015 Paris Agreement target is met by the world. So even global warming is capped at “well below” 2 degrees Celsius the Alpine Glacier might disappear.

Even if we consider the best-case scenario, by 2100 the glacier will lose 50% of its volume. In the worst-case scenario “a couple of patches of ice will be all that’s left” by 2100.