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“A Lannister Always Pays His Debts” Careem Updated Policies

Careem is a ride hailing app that knows how to grab the attention of people. Yes, the main objective of the company is to ensure that its customers are given safe ride towards their destination, but why not add some fun. Well, the updated description of Careem is quite interesting. Careem & Game of Thrones fans are loving it.


We need to give credit to Careem for coming up with the most unique, amazing yet relatable ideas. The Rishta aunty service might be debatable but who will say it wasn’t an interesting idea. Coming up with monthly packages tell us that Careem understands the needs of people. Careem Air idea was the most talked about the project in past few days. Bakra on Demand service by Careem tell us that the company knows how to mold itself as per the occasions.

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Now we can also see that Careem is not just working to bring creativity in its ideas but also making sure that its writing is exciting and eye catching.

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