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Landlord offering Free Accommodation in Return for Sex, says it’s Legal

In United Kingdom (UK) a landlord is offering sex for rent. He is giving people free accommodation in return for sex. And as per reported by The Independent, he feels that it is legal. He insisted that there is nothing illegal about it.

The identity of the man has been concealed but he said that what is wrong with a “friends with benefits” arrangement as long as both parties are fully aware of the whole contract and are willing to sign it.

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In a television show, the man revealed that he is extremely strict about the age of the tenants. The previously married man, who is also a father, disclosed that he only allowed above 18 tenants. Minors were not allowed entry.

After this interview, an investigation revealed that 250,000 women in the UK are being offered discounted or free rent in exchange for sex.

The landlord said, “I am very forward and honest and I do not tell lies. I have been married and I have a family. But I find that modern day relationships do not work and if they do, they only work for a short period of time. Most females lie. The same as most males do. They are working on an agenda whereas I do not, I am very honest and I am very upfront.”

He said that even his kids knew about his sexual arrangements and that he is just “looking for fun”

To the tenants, he said, “More than a fully-stocked fridge, I offer them a life. I have had three long-term partners and all of them had their own businesses and their own family and they are still in touch with me. They still all talk to me. I am not a pervert … It is an arranged relationship.”